Community Associations

The landscape of community associations living has changed significantly in the last few decades. Today, living in a professionally managed community has become a lifestyle choice for homeowners in the Puget Sound area. Homeowner and condominium associations are no longer a rarity but common features of many communities. These changes have led to more regulations from the State of Washington as well as more sophisticated homeowners who recognize the value of professional community association management.

Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations through outstanding customer service, attention to detail, and professional expertise.

Why Protocol? Because we care, and property management is our passion.

At Protocol, we understand that the successful management of condominium and homeowner associations requires a strong team effort among the Board of Directors, homeowners, vendors and property management company.

When choosing the right property management company for your condo or homeowner’s association there are a number of questions to ask to assess the property management company is the right fit for your board and residents. Protocol differentiates itself from others with the following set of qualities.

Service Areas

We manage condominium and homeowner associations up to 200 units in King County and Snohomish County of Washington State. Our Association Managers generally have a lower per unit workload than most other management companies, allowing them to devote a higher percentage of time and better quality of service to each association.

We are members of Community Associations Institute (CAI). Not only are we knowledgeable in the practices and procedures of CAI, but also with other essential bodies of governing communities such as Governance, Landlord-Tenant Law, Fair Housing Law and other resources.

Services Provided

The community association management services we provide include:

Site Management:

Financial Reporting:




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